Wireless Microphones - WL-600

Wireless Microphones-WL-600

Category : Wireless Microphones | UHF Wireless Microphone
Model : WL-600
Handle material : galvanized steel
Oscillation made : pll synthesized
Carrier frequency range : UHF620-950MHZ
Bandwidth : 25MHZ
Frequency adjustment : auto tracing and locked receiver channel
Output power : 30mw/3mw
T.H.D : <-55dBc
MAX Deviation range : 土68khz
Battery : AA dry battery 2 pic
Display STATUS : LCD display
Dimention : 50X265
Paterns and approvals :
Products carry various partents and comply with telecommunicatiion and safety regulations
NOTE : carrier frequency range.MAX deviation range.output power and T.H.D accouding to each
The 50MHz band width,audio security code is the professional tech for KTV room, it won’t be interfere by other channel or 
internal receivers which has same Channel with individual code address.
There is pre-set 200 frequence channel. Once power is on, the handheld IR aim at theIR  on the  reveiver , the signal will be transmitted. It is innovable.
1. The impact zincalloy Cover
2. The  on/off button in the microphone top is the special design for KTV and daliy use
3.Power lockout Button.
4.50HZ band width with volume capacity.
5.RF power-mode switch button to suitable different case.
6.Four color tail cover to distinguish different channels.
7.Elegant cartrigde design cope with physical aesthetics, special for TIANSOT .
8.High fidelity,width range,and dynamic range microphone transducer with supercardioid design.
9.Make by mild steel grille is against the electromeginet hum and avoid to lose the high sound part and directional pattern low quality.
Make the accoute channel receiving and antomatic channel lockout function.


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