How to Connect a Microphone to a Home Reciever so Sound Comes Through the Spreakers


Things You’ll Need:

  • Stereo system with audio inputs
  • A microphone
  • Possibly a connector adapter

Step 1:
An RCA Connector : The Most Common Audio Input Locate the audio inputs on your stereo. These are generally on the back of the stereo receiver, and are RCA inputs. Some older (or more expensive) receivers also have a 1/4" plug. On most models, there will by RCA inputs on the front. These will be a set of 3 round plug, that are yellow, white, and red.

Step 2:
A 1/4" Tip : The Most Common Microphone Plug Identify the plug on your microphone. Most microphones have a 1/4" tip, although some will have a 1/8" connector (like on headphones for a CD/MP3 player). Very rarely will it have RCA connectors.

Step 3:
Female 1/4" to Male RCA : The Most Common Connector Get the right connector. You can skip this step if both connectors are the same. If your set up is common, your stereo will be RCA and your microphone will be 1/4". For this, you'll need a male stereo RCA to a female stereo 1/4" connection (RadioShack part #42-2548). If you have another set up, you need to look for a connector that accepts your microphone (female) and fits your stereo (male).

Step 4:
Do it. Plug the male end of your connector to your stereo's audio inputs. Then, plug the microphone into the female end. Change your stereo to the correct input (if it's on the front, it's usually AUX). Whatever it is, it should be labeled on your receiver, under where you plugged it in.

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