How to Buy a Microphone for Speech


If you are dictating into a recorder, you don't want to pick up the conversation in the next cube. Yet if you are recording a conference meeting, you want to pick up everyone at the table. This article covers selecting the right type of microphone for specific uses.

Things You’ll Need:

Step 1:
Buy a magnetically shielded microphone to use with a computer (these are normally sold as "computer microphones").

Step 2:
Make sure the microphone has the correct plug if you will use it with a computer, portable recorder or camcorder.

Step 3:
Buy a unidirectional microphone for dictation, for use with a public address system, for broadcasting or for other situations in which you want to pick up only an individual voice.

Step 4:
Consider a stereo, cardioid or unidirectional microphone for interviewing.

Step 5:
Use a lavaliere (clip-on) microphone when you need your hands available and won't be using a podium.

Step 6:
Buy an omnidirectional microphone for recording lectures or meetings.

Step 7:
Employ a close-talk microphone (one that is built into a headset) for word processing with voice-recognition software. If a microphone is included with the software, use it instead of any other computer microphone you have.

Step 8:
Buy a close-talk or stick-on microphone for basic computer speech recognition (operating system instructions, task control, and so).

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