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Guangzhou Tiantuo Microphone Manufacturing Co., Ltd., established in 2004,is the private-owned enterprises and Located in Jixian North Industrial Park of Baiyun District Guangzhou China,with a covering area of 10,000 square meters .
We are an enterprise on the professional development, production and marketing of middle/high-grade microphones. With pioneering and innovative professionalism, the company has developed into an professional enterprise of the series of Microphones, various types of microphone accessories, a Microphone OEM and ODM from simple processing and assembly microphone accessories.

Our company have researched and developed 13 Mics with national
Patent certificates.We own success to our leading technology, reasonable prices, excellent quality of the microphone and customers’ throughout trust!

Tiantuo Microphone Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production of high, medium and low-grade Meeting Microphones, Wireless microphones, Wired microphone, Headset microphones, and so on, with a mic centre laboratories, research and development department(industrial design, electro-acoustic engineering, wireless electronic engineering), mic Workshops and a number of high-quality management personnel and engineering elites, and it is a comprehensive modern enterprise of production, manufacture, and marketing. we make use of the accumulative design and production experience to develope the core technologies and to improve the core competitiveness. our products include VHF,UHF microphones, a drag 1, 2, 4 wireless mics, single receivers, the two-receiver sets wireless mics.we depend on the professional technology with a wealth of experience and the close strict professional production management and quality inspection to ensure that our customers can have high-quality products. The company operates in a flexible way for customers, and products are mainly "Tiantuo" bland which sell well throughout the world, the amplifier, DVD, VCD wireless microphone have been supplied to the domestic and international customers, the company has been constantly growing in the full implementation of ISO9001 operation to ensure the quality of products to meet all customer needs.

Microphone Products are: Wireless Microphones, Conference Microphones, Headset Microphones, and Lapel Microphones, interview microphones, wired microphones, musical instrument microphones, drum microphones, teaching microphones, recording microphones, computer's USB microphones and microphone accessories.

China Wireless MicsConsumers today pay a great attention to the quality of the purchased microphones. Apart from the price, the consumer also consider the quality of products: safety, durability, standard microphone and services which similar mics can provide. If you want to have the market in the current high competition, it is necessary to meet customer demand. Quality and demand has become the strategic focus of expanding market share. The pursuit of good quality needs careful planning, careful implementation, as well as an effective monitoring and control - this is the way we work.

We are not perfect enterprise, and also have not perfect Microphone Products. However, We have a high degree of integrity and continuously improved vitality and hard work and the spirit of innovation, once we promise, we must do as commitments such is our commitments. The chairman of Tiantuo has always been ready along with all the staff.

We welcome OEM, ODM,etc cooperation with the mics industry clients at home and abroad, with the management operation of a regional agency. All the products have certificates of national management requirement. The company has recently developed a series of new microphone products, which are not put on the site for a moment. please provide your E-mail address, We sincerely hope that we can establish the cooperative relation with you.


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